FAµST v2.5 is available

The FAµST toolbox version 2.5 is available.
In version 2.5, the FAµST toolbox is delivered with Python and Matlab wrappers.

FAuST Matlab Version 1.1 includes Graph Signal Processing

The FAµST Matlab toolbox version 1.1 is now  available on the download page .
In version 1.1, the FAµST Matlab toolbox allows to reproduce Graph Signal Processing experiments (Approximate Fast Graph Fourier Transforms) from the paper

  • Le Magoarou L., Gribonval R. and Tremblay N., “Approximate fast graph Fourier transforms via multi-layer sparse approximations”, IEEE Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks,2017. <https://hal.inria.fr/hal-01416110>