Hadamard dictionary

This demo hierarchically factorizes the Hadamard dictionary and then plots the results in the following Figures. This essentially reproduces figure 1 from [1].

This demo makes some time comparison between (Hadamard matrix)-vector multiplication and (Hadamard factorisation i.e a FAµST)-vector multiplication for different dimensions of the Hadamard matrix.

hadamard_factorisation These demos are easily reproducible with:

# pyfaust
>>> from pyfaust.demo import hadamard
>>> hadamard.run_speedup_hadamard()
>>> hadamard.fig_speedup_hadamard()
# figures are in pyfaust_demo_figures

See also the API doc

% matfaust
>> import matfaust.demo.hadamard
>> hadamard.speed_up_hadamard()
% figures are in Figures directory

See also the API doc



[1] Le Magoarou L. and Gribonval R., “Flexible multi-layer sparse approximations of matrices and applications”, Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, 2016.


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