FAuST v1.x (Matlab Implementation)

FAµST v1.x (Matlab implementation)

The latest Matlab implementation of FAµST (v1.1) is available in the Software Heritage archive:
Archived | swh:1:rel:ee8e7f4de4e3520941b56d05cb66d48ecc7b9952
or directly on Inria’s gitlab.
It allows to reproduce the results of all the experiments realized in [1] and [2]
The Matlab version of FAµST is distributed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License.

How to cite:
Luc Le Magoarou , Faµst v1.1. (2017) (hal-04325482).

title = {FAµST v1.1},
author = {Luc Le Magoarou},
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[1] Luc Le Magoarou, Rémi Gribonval. Flexible Multi-layer Sparse Approximations of Matrices and Applications. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, 2016, 10 (4), pp.688-700 (hal-01167948).

[2] Luc Le Magoarou, Rémi Gribonval, Nicolas Tremblay. Approximate fast graph Fourier transforms via multi-layer sparse approximations. IEEE Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks, 2018, 4 (2), pp.407–420 (hal-01416110).

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