FAuST v3.x (C++ implementation and wrappers)

FAµST 3.x.x (changelog) is released under anaconda latest update

The Python version of FAµST, named pyfaust, is available on and anaconda latest version . To access the latest version of pyfaust through pip or conda please use supported python versions*.

supported platforms
latest pipeline status

Getting started with FAµST

Once you have downloaded FAµST, the following documentation will guide you through the installation process and your first steps using the Python or Matlab wrapper.

System packages** are also available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows (delivering pyfaust for python 3.11 and matfaust for Matlab)***:

*: Packages for previous Python versions are still online but won’t be followed by any update.
**: for pyfaust the advised way to install is still to use the packages hosted on PyPI (through pip) or Anaconda.
***: we emphasize that all FAµST packages are intended to be equally supported, however a new functionality, or also an optimization or a bug fix might sometimes come before in the pyfaust packages (PIP or conda), prioritarily on Linux and MacOS and later on Windows. The corresponding updates might be a bit delayed for the Matlab packages, particularly on Windows.

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