FAµST 3.36.0 — Optimization of circ, anticirc and toeplitz

This update of pyfaust provides an optimization of the pyfaust.circ function and also the anticirc and toeplitz functions which depends on the first one. The optimization is triggered using the diag_opt optional argument of those functions.
It is very similar to the pyfaust.dft optimization which relies on the butterfly structure of the Faust factors.
The figure below shows the result of a benchmark ran on circ with or without optimization:

The benchmark and plot scripts are available here: benchmark script, plot script.

NOTE: the same optimization has been implemented for matfaust too.

Edit 01/20 2023 — FAµST 3.37.0: the same optimization has been implemented on GPU too. It is available through the dev=’gpu’ and diag_opt=True arguments of the three functions).

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