FAµST 3.2.1 / MHTP algorithms

This version of FAµST integrates a new algorithm that works hand in hand with the PAL4MSA algorithm.
This is the Multilinear Hard Thresholding Pursuit algorithm (MHTP) wich is a generalization of the Bilinear HTP algorithm discussed in [1].
This algorithm is available both for the pyfaust and matfaust wrappers but please note that it is still in experimental/beta status.

Related tutorials are available in the dedicated section of the website.

[1] Quoc-Tung Le, Rémi Gribonval. Structured Support Exploration For Multilayer Sparse Matrix Factorization. ICASSP 2021 – IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, Jun 2021, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. pp.1-5. hal-03132013.

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