FAµST 3.1.0 / Exponential action of a matrix and FAµST poly module

A module named poly has been developed for matfaust and pyfaust (it is still in beta status though).
It allows among other functionalities to compute the action of the exponential of a matrix on a vector (using Chebyshev polynomial series).
This module is also GPU compatible.
A Jupyter Notebook is available to introduce how to use this module.

Reference: Sibylle Marcotte, Amélie Barbe, Rémi Gribonval, Titouan Vayer, Marc Sebban, et al.. Fast Multiscale Diffusion on Graphs. 2021. hal-03212764

Besides to this new module, a few optimizations of the Faust-matrix multiplications have been integrated (see the figures for the CPUGPU implementations).

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