New Matlab Version for Graph Signal Processing

The FAµST Matlab toolbox version 1.1 is now  available on the download page .
In version 1.1, the FAµST Matlab toolbox allows to reproduce Graph Signal Processing experiments (Approximate Fast Graph Fourier Transforms) from the paper

  • Le Magoarou L., Gribonval R. and Tremblay N., “Approximate fast graph Fourier transforms via multi-layer sparse approximations”, IEEE Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks,2017. <>


The FAµST toolbox version 2.0 is available on the download page .
In version 2.0, the FAµST toolbox is delivered with a Matlab wrapper. Upcoming versions should integrate a Python and C++ wrapper. A GPU implementation is in progress.


FAµST is a C++ toolbox, useful to decompose a given dense matrix into a product of sparse matrices in order to reduce its computational complexity (both for storage and manipulation).
FaµST can be used to speed up iterative algorithms commonly used for solving high dimensional linear inverse problems.

An introduction to FAµST is available in the following paper:
[1] Le Magoarou L. and Gribonval R., “Flexible multi-layer sparse approximations of matrices and applications”, Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, 2016.