Source localization

Source localization in the context of functional brain imaging :

FAµST was used in an experience of source localization for brain image application.
Different FAµST approximation of a Magnetoencephalography (MEG) gain matrix “Mi” was computed using hierarchical_fact.
A SparseCoding algorithm was used to solve this source localization problem using the MEG gain matrix or its FAµST approximation.
The two following pictures illustrate the different trade-offs between speed-up and error of localization using dense or FAµST matrix.

Reproduce these figures!

With matfaust:
>> import matfaust.demo.bsl.*
>> BSL()
>> Fig_BSL()
Seel also the API doc

With pyfaust::
>>> from pyfaust.demo import bsl
>>> bsl.fig_convergence()
>>> bsl.fig_time_cmp()
Seel also the API doc


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