FAµST 3.27.0 — Faust slicing and indexing optimizations

This version of FAµST is a revamp of the Faust slicing and indexing implementations using a mechanism we call lazy slicing/indexing. It allows mainly to delay the Faust slicing and indexing operations by setting them virtually in order to avoid touching the Faust data until it is really necessary. Besides, some product related operations (as F[:, :N]@v) have been optimized based on this mechanism.

The figures below show the performance enhancement of these operations since the previous release of FAµST and make also a comparison to scipy which is outperformed on many cases. Scipy is used to implement an alternative Faust very basically as a Python list of scipy csr_matrix, for more details please look at the benchmark script.
The code to reproduce these figures is available on gitlab.
The figures were produced on a 1.6 Ghz 4-cores CPU.



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